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Days of traditional handcrafts in the Ore Mountains

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The experience day on 20 October 2024 for the whole family - take a look over the craftsman's shoulder in his workshop

Woodturning, spanning tree engraving, braiding, felting: on the 25th Day of Traditional Crafts, many crafts, some of them ancient, are still very much alive. On 20 October 2024, numerous workshops will open their doors to interested visitors and provide exclusive insights that would otherwise usually remain hidden. Lovingly crafted wooden toys, intricately carved figures, textile treasures or delicacies from the clay oven will be presented in an authentic atmosphere.

In addition to traditional wood crafts, textile craft techniques such as lace-making, embroidery, spinning or weaving, other rare and traditional trades can also be experienced. For example, visitors can marvel at wickerwork, the production of mass figures, watchmaking, cigar making, the production of mustard and sauerkraut or sheep's wool processing, to name just a few of the 75 different crafts that will be on display on this day.

Visitors young and old will also have the opportunity to try their hand at the workbench and take home some souvenirs.

There will be a range of culinary delights on offer for visitors to fortify themselves.

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