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Craftsmen's market "Market of the Senses" in Höfgen

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Craftsmen's market "Market of the Senses" in Höfgen

For those who love useful, beautiful and rare things, the craftsmen's market in Höfgen is just the thing. Regional craftsmen, traders and artists will be presenting their passion, offering their wares for sale and inviting visitors to take a look on 22-24 September 2023 from 11.00 to 18.00 every day. A creative and amusing family programme accompanies the "Market of the Senses". At the market, the emphasis is on originality, regionality and quality. As in previous years, visitors will meet old traditional crafts at the market. Of particular interest is the watchmaker, who knows how to breathe life back into the old parlour clock or even the mechanical wristwatch. Furthermore, the shoemaker presents, among other things, the skill of shoe making and other craft specialities of leather processing. The wheelwright demonstrates another traditional craft. Here, visitors can learn how a spoked wheel is made by hand. Right next door, the Muldenhauer will be demonstrating the art of making three troughs from one log.
Regional suppliers will be providing refreshments. On both days, fresh bread and sugar cakes will be available from the historic watermill oven at around 12 noon. There will also be guided tours of the watermill museum. You can also visit the Schiffmühle technical exhibition on the Mulde and the Bismarck Tower in Jutta Park. Two lovingly designed beer gardens invite visitors to linger. The exhibition "Bauernschläue" (Farmer's Cleverness) hangs at the "Großes Gut". Parking spaces are available. A service fee is charged for parking. For a relaxed journey, we recommend a boat trip from Grimma. Or you can cross over with the Stakfähre from Nimbschener Ufer. Further information / link: www.grimma.de

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Dorf der Sinne Höfgen
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