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BlütenWunder exhibition in Oskarshausen

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A dream made of flowers & sand

"A flower wonder that has never been seen before" - project manager Josefine Rühle from Meißen and her entire decoration team in Oskarshausen/Freital set themselves this self-imposed challenge. The ideas and preparatory work for a new exhibition within the leisure park area began at the end of 2023. After the successful permanent exhibition "Illusion World", which has already attracted thousands of guests to Freital for spectacular impressions and photo opportunities and is also currently open, the concept and design team wanted to create a very special highlight for spring.
The result: 150 tonnes of sand, the weight of around 50 elephants, and countless plants and flowers now combine to create a fascinating spring backdrop on around 1000 square metres in the indoor exhibition area. The "BlütenWunder" exhibition can be visited from 15 March to 26 May 2024 in the Freizeltwelt Oskarshausen. The tour starts with a filmed impression of how three international sand art experts have been preparing their works of art using formwork and compaction techniques since February. The 400-hour carving process then begins, from top to bottom, floor by floor, with each individual sculpture measuring 3 to 4 metres in height. The sand artists matching the project were carefully selected in advance, as each of them bears a very special signature.
The Italian Michela Ciappini, for example, with over 20 years of experience in sand art, is a specialist in very realistic depictions and demonstrated her skills with a Japanese cherry blossom scene and a detailed Alpine panorama. The other two artists from Switzerland and the Czech Republic demonstrated their craft by carving gigantic daffodils or unique animal figures.
After around 10 days of preliminary carving work, selected regional florists were brought in to bring the works of art to life using real flowers and plants.
For example, a jungle of flowers was created by Gartenbau Rülcker from Dresden and a sea of flowers made from orchids and blue early bloomers by master florist Rocco Wustmann from Dohma. The scenes were developed and finalised hand in hand by all the plant and sand artists involved. The statics of the sensitive sculptures and the needs of the plants had to be harmonised. From Friday, visitors will be able to marvel at numerous works of art made from floristry and sand, as well as other flowering decorative highlights and photo motifs along the exhibition route.
The fascinating marvel made from natural materials will only  last for a total of 11 weeks. "But what happens afterwards?" - a question that our team has often been asked. On the Children's Day weekend at the beginning of June, some of the plants will be sold in Oskarshausen. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Sonnenstrahl e.V., as not all families can experience a carefree Children's Day.
Live carving of an additional sand figure in the outdoor area of Oskarshausen
From 15 March to 18 March 2024, all visitors can watch the creation of another sand figure live in front of the Oskarshausen outdoor limo factory. Sand artist Jiri Kaspar from Prague will use the example of an artistic "Oskars Limo" to show how an impressive work of art is created from a pile of pressed sand using a shovel, spatula and brush. Admission is free.
From 0 to 99 years - The ideal spring excursion to marvel, feast and enjoy in Oskarshausen
The exhibition can be experienced for the first time in this form and combines flower and sand sculpture art in a unique way. Around the flower exhibition, there are also all kinds of interesting facts about flowers from all over the world. Delicious snacks, a café or small gift and decorative items are of course also available for those hungry for spring. Colourful creative activities such as painting ceramics, designing sand pictures or decorating chocolate round off the pre-Easter excursion for young and old alike. Visitors can also learn interesting facts about Easter traditions from around the world on a tour of Osterhausen and marvel at Saxony's largest Easter egg, which is 6 metres tall.

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BlütenWunder exhibition in Oskarshausen
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