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Bach300 - Anniversary Concert III

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Jauchzet, frohlocket - the countdown has begun!

The biggest Bach anniversary of the 21st century will be celebrated in Leipzig in 2023 in the 300th Bach Year. In May 1723, the new Thomaskantor Johann Sebastian Bach arrived in Leipzig with two carriages from Köthen. He moved into his official residence at the Thomaskirchhof and after that nothing was the same again - in Leipzig and in music history in general. Beginning on 30 May 1723, he composed musical masterpieces at weekly intervals, stunning and everlasting. 150 cantatas in four years, St John's Passion and St Matthew's Passion, and and and ...

We will celebrate this: in Leipzig and audibly around the globe. Because today the whole world loves these pieces, Johann Sebastian Bach is the most performed composer, the best known from Leipzig and one of the giants of cultural history. It starts in spring with exhibitions in the Bach Museum and the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum and continues with the Bach Festival 2023 in June under the motto "BACH for Future".

As part of the festival year, the Jubilee Concert III: Cantatas from September 1723 will be performed on 29 September 2023 in the Thomaskirche. Conducted by Thomas Cantor Andreas Reize and featuring the Gewandhaus Orchestra and various soloists 

Jauchzet, frohlocket - because Bach rocks, and rocks hard!

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