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589th Dresden Striezelmarkt

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Germany's oldest Christmas market attracts visitors not only with its record age, but also with other superlatives, such as the world's largest, 14.61-metre-high stepped pyramid from the Erzgebirge, probably the world's largest walk-in candle arch and the Dresden Stollen Festival on 9 December 2023. But the small, fine things of the Striezelmarkt are also simply irresistible, such as the plum potato, a handmade figurine made of dried plums with a long (pre-)history. Not particularly large, but all the more romantic is the historic Ferris wheel, from which the lovingly decorated huts of the Striezelmarkt can be admired from above.

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Dresdner Striezelmarkt
01067 Dresden

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www: striezelmarkt.dresden.de/en

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