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29th Leipzig Opera Ball

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Great, Britain! The 29th Leipzig Opera Ball is all about Great Britain.

Things will be very British at the 29th Leipzig Opera Ball on 8 November 2024: Under the motto "Great, Britain!", the gates will open for a glittering ball night all about Great Britain and Leipzig's twin city Birmingham. Guests can look forward to typical British cuisine, art and culture - in the ballroom and on six other stages in the strolling area. The raffle in favour of the "Leipzig hilft Kindern" foundation will also focus on charitable causes to support social projects for children and young people in the region. For the eleventh time, the city's most important social event will be presented by Porsche.

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Opernball Production GmbH
Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 1
04109 Leipzig

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tel.: 0341 2156977

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