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26th Heinrich Schütz Music Festival 2023

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From Bad Köstritz to Dresden: The 26th Heinrich Schütz Music Festival will take place from 6 to 15 October 2023.

"Sound.World.Knowledge" - this is the title of the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival 2023. Moving and inspiring experiences and encounters as well as the unique atmosphere of the authentic Schütz sites in Central Germany will also characterise the 26th edition of the festival with top-class music. From 6 to 15 October, numerous concerts, guided tours, readings, talks, lectures and church services will once again take place in Bad Köstritz, Gera, Weißenfels, Zeitz and Dresden.

For Heinrich Schütz, the state capital Dresden was once the main place of activity and centre of his creative work. As Court Kapellmeister, he created some of his greatest works here and formed a modern, widely exemplary musical language from his Italian-trained inspiration. For this reason, Dresden will once again be one of the central venues in 2023, offering unique settings for the works of Heinrich Schütz with the Jazzclub Tonne, the Frauenkirche, the Residenzschloss and countless other venues. 

As artist in residence, the Hamburger Ratsmusik under the direction of gambist Simone Eckert will play a major role in shaping the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival this year. Founded in 1991 by Simone Eckert, the ensemble's conceptual beginnings date back to the 16th century. Today, as a firm, internationally celebrated force in early music, the Hamburg Ratsmusik tastes the potential of a centuries-old heritage - in a creative dialogue between tradition and the present, of early music and lively interpretation. The Hamburg Ratsmusik can be experienced at the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival 2023 in five concerts, each with a different programme and focus - at the opening concert of the music festival in Gera (6 October), at the festival concerts in Dresden (7 October), Weißenfels (8 October) and Zeitz (13 October) as well as at the closing concert in Bad Köstritz (15 October). In addition, the ensemble will organise this year's school concerts "Adventure Isfahan" in Weißenfels (11.10.) and Zeitz (12.10.) as well as the source presentation (10.10.) in cooperation with the Saxon State Library - State and University Library (SLUB) Dresden. Also with the participation of musicians from the ensemble, two readings with Klaus Büstrin as narrator can be experienced in Zeitz (10.10.) and Weißenfels (11.10.)  

Based on the "Small Sacred Concerts" and other works by the baroque master, Tom Götze and his fellow musicians explore new paths to Heinrich Schütz and into their own, new worlds of sound. The quartet can be experienced three times at the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival 2023 with the programme"Schütz goes Jazz": in the Dreiseitenhof of the brewery of Bad Köstritz (12.10.), in the Jazzclub Tonne in Dresden (13.10.) and in the Heinrich Schütz House in Weißenfels (14.10.). 

396 years after its premiere it can be heard again in Dresden: Heinrich Schütz's "Dafne". Whereby - what the original sound ensembles Musica Fiata Köln and La Capella Ducale and their director Roland Wilson will sing and play is certainly not what the wedding party experienced in Torgau in 1627, when Princess Sophie Eleonore of Saxony, the eldest daughter of Elector Johann Georg I, was married to the Darmstadt landgrave Georg II. The list of lost works by Schütz is unfortunately long, and it includes "Dafne". With this reconstruction of "Dafne", we discover a completely new side of Schütz: as the creator of a very entertaining opera. - Now, whether it was actually the first German-language opera or "only" the incidental music for a theatrical plot can be left open in view of this astonishing newly created complete work. In any case, it can be experienced at the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival 2023 on 14 October in the small courtyard of the Dresden Residence Palace. The Awarding of the International Heinrich Schütz Prize 2023 will also take place at this event.

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