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25th days of the open winery

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25th "Open Winery Days" in Saxony 2024!

25th   "Open Winery Days" in Saxony 2024!

Celebrate a jubilee year with us: Look forward to the 25th "Open Winery Days" in Saxony on 24 and 25 August 2024! In 2000, 19 wineries started this special series of events 

50 wineries, wine taverns and other wine institutions will be open on 24 and 25 August with open doors and the best wines. Tastings through one of the most varietal wine-growing regions in Germany and discussions with the winegrowers invite you to linger. You are welcome to chat about the work in the vineyard and cellar. The whole event is accompanied by musical and artistic highlights.

The "Winery Open Days" are an annual invitation to all wine lovers, those interested in cultural history, technology fans and nature lovers. Every year on the last weekend in August, everything revolves around grapes, technology and craftsmanship: Saturday 12 - 8 pm and Sunday 12 - 6 pm, unless otherwise stated in the programme. Many wineries are already opening their doors and cellars for a warm-up on Thursday, 22 August and Friday, 23 August.

Excerpt from the programme:

  • Wine tastings, including 3-person wine tasting
  • Delicious winegrower snacks or top-class cuisine
  • Insights into historic and modern wine cellars
  • Modern technology demonstrations
  • Informative vineyard tours
  • Art and cultural activities
  • Children's play options

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