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18th Pichmännel Carnival

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Clear the ring: the 18th Pichmännel carnival party will take place on 13 February 2024 from 19:00 at the Parkhotel Dresden.

What do Phillip Lahm, Leonardo DiCaprio and Friedrich Merz have in common? They all have
a foolish birthday, at the start of carnival on 11 November! That's why
the advance ticket sales for the Dresden Feldschlößchen-Pichmännel Fasching start now!
Get the pre-order discount now!

The Parkhotel is known among experts as a stronghold of emotions and sensuality at the Weißer
Hirsch. Unbridled and immoral, the countless halls and chambers of the
Parkhotel are played out. Lights, pleasures and ecstasies! The programme includes
poster boy and sex icon Christian Bieselt in the main hall. This will be followed by Schallmaurer
RollerCoaster - the music mixer for the floor of unreasonableness - in the Blue Salon. The
group council chairman Mark Machulle takes care of the best mood in the Kakadubar.

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Parkhotel Dresden
Bautzner Landstraße 7
01324 Dresden

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tel.: 0351 21295910

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