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“Neuseenland” Cycle Route

W skrócie

  • Start: E.g.: Markkleeberg or Pegau
  • Cel: E.g.: Markkleeberg or Pegau
  • średnia
  • 98,35 km
  • 7 h
  • 452 m
  • 179 m
  • 112 m

The cycle route leads you past 9 of the 19 new lakes presenting the multifarious change of landscape and structure of the former opencast mining landscape.

Nine lakes directly outside your door, and the Leipzig Auwald Forest provide a near-natural, car-free route to get there: The “Leipzig Neuseenland” (New Lakeland) is a fascinating landscape. While lignite mining originally used to represent destruction, by now it provides an extraordinarily varied leisure and recreation area. Sunbathing in the sand, white water rafting in the canoe park, cooling down in the crystal-clear water, or upside-down on the roller coaster of the Belantis amusement park: Between the Cospudener lake and the Zwenkauer lake, there are many destinations by the road, and lots of culture to boot: Borna’s historic old town with the relocated Emmauskirche church, the ancient Wiprechtsburg castle and the baroque castle Widerau are small treasures in a beautiful country idyll.

Plan trasy

Nawierzchnia trasy

  • Nieznane (5%)
  • Ulica (10%)
  • Asfalt (50%)
  • Żwir (28%)
  • Szlak wędrowny (2%)
  • Ścieżka (5%)


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