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Meadow area Märzenbecherwiesen

W skrócie

  • Start: village Heeselicht
  • Cel: village Heeselicht
  • łatwa
  • 8,98 km
  • 2 h 43 min
  • 292 m
  • 338 m
  • 218 m

The hike to the meadow Märzenbecherwiese (meadow of daffodils) in the Polenztal valley is highly recommended in spring, when the daffodils blossom. We follow the river Polenz upriver toward the historic town Hohnstein and immerse more and more into a biotope of beautiful flowers. This scenery continues until we finally reach the meadow area nearby the mill Bockmühle.

The hike starts at the market square and our first destination is the mill Scheibenmühle. We do not choose the path on the Scheibenmühlenstraße street, but the Hofestraße street for a few meters and then turn to the right direction on a small path (yellow line waymark), which runs parallel to the Scheibenmühlenstraße street. This path through the town still lets us experience the intimacy of a small village. We pass by some ponds which are arranged like terraces and formerly were certainly used for modest carp breeding. Walking further along the slope, we meet again the Scheibenmühlenstraße street and continue until the mill Scheibenmühle. On weekends during the bloom of the daffodils, various dining options are offered here. We cross the river Polenz and follow the red dot waymark upriver. The river Polenz meanders through the broad valley. Along the river bank we recognize the first small flower carpets full of daffodils. The path now runs partly on the slope in about 20 meters above the river. The rocks here consist of granite and not the usual sandstone. South from the town is situated the "Lusatian fault" (geological border to the West Lusatian hill and mountain country). Since the path is not stabilized and there is sometimes still remaining snow, it is recommended to wear appropriate hiking boots. After a wide 180-degree river loop, we finally arrive in the center of the flower meadows. You should resist the urge to pick a bouquet, as this area is under nature protection. From the mill Bockmühle we start our way back. We follow the road (while walking on the hiking trail) to the left direction. Slightly uphill after a few hundred meters we arrive at a former estate (Luschdorfhof) and then turn left on the path across the fields. A small signpost confirms our direction. After a small forest section we see the gate of a game reserve. Here a bench invites us for a rest. In the enclosure are fallow deers, which explains why this meat is served in almost every restaurant around. After the game reserve we continue straight on a dirt road, which leads us directly to the town center, where we finally finish our hike with a cool beer in the tavern Erbgericht.

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