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Kammweg Section 10 "From Rittersgrün to Johanngeorgenstadt"

W skrócie

  • Start: Rittersgrün, Zollstraße
  • Cel: Johanngeorgenstadt, train station
  • łatwa
  • 9,89 km
  • 3 h
  • 282 m
  • 910 m
  • 639 m

The whisper of fir trees and the glow of lights. The Kammweg is not as well-known as the Jakobsweg (thank God). The hiking philosophy is similar: simply get away from it all and find yourself. If you listen carefully on this stage, you will hear the whisper of fir trees. If you look closely, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the sky meadow. Only the "Rumwischkastl" should definitely be set to silent beforehand and deposited in the rucksack.

In Rittersgrün/Zollstraße the ascent to the Fritzschberg begins. From the edge of the forest we have a great view back to Rittersgrün. Up here, the fir tree once dominated, but today it can only be found in isolated places. As is so often the case in the Ore Mountains, it has been replaced by spruce. We pass Halbemeile. Halbemeile is only a few hundred metres from the path. Secluded and picturesque, there are a few houses on the German side. On the Bohemian side lies Rozhrani (Halbmeil), completely deserted. The attentive hiker soon enjoys the Himmelswiese, a paradise for native herbs and low mountain flowers. Continuing to follow the ridge trail markings along the border and in relaxing silence past the pond biotope, the forest finally opens up at the Pachthaus and reveals the view of the town, which was shaped by mining. You have already reached Johanngeorgenstadt railway station with cross-border train services to Karlovy Vary. Johanngeorgenstadt is also known as the "City of the Candle Arch". It is home to the world's largest free-standing candle arch. It is a giant: 25 metres wide and 14.5 metres high with candles. It is made of 700 tonnes of reinforced concrete and 15 tonnes of stainless steel. There is one small drawback: The candle arch is only illuminated in winter. As we only have 10 kilometres to cover today, we still have enough time to visit the Glöckl mine and the Pferdegöpel. Both absolutely worthwhile!

Milestones: Rittersgrün - Halbemeile nature reserve - Himmelswiese nature monument - Anton-Günther-Weg - Pachthaus - Johanngeorgenstadt/station

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