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Hike from spa town Rathen to Wehlen via the Bastei rock formation

W skrócie

  • Start: Rathen spa
  • Cel: Town of Wehlen
  • średnia
  • 10,58 km
  • 3 h 6 min
  • 320 m
  • 318 m
  • 112 m

Shortly after leaving the spa town of Rathen, you will arrive at the reservoir Amselsee. Continue through the gorge-like valley Schwedenlöcher to the Bastei Plateau, from where you can enjoy endless views and visit the rock castle Neurathen. On the way to the town of Wehlen, you will pass the historic stone table. The starting point in the spa town of Rathen is easy to reach by S-Bahn (suburban train).

Bahnhof Kurort Rathen - Amselsee - Amselgrund - Schwedenlöcher - Bastei - Felsenburg Neurathen - Fremdenweg (grüner Strich und roter Punkt) -  Steinernen Tisch -  Schwarzbergweg - Stadt Wehlen - Bahnhof - Kurort Rathen


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