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Frog’s Cycle Route - A ParadISE, Not only for Frogs

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  • 266,54 km
  • 18 h 5 min
  • 639 m
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On approximately 260 kilometres, the Frog’s Cycle Route leads all the way round the heathland and pond landscape of the Oberlausitz (Upper Lusatia) region.

With dune forests, marsh areas and moors the whole of the the Oberlausitz heathland and pond landscape is a paradise for frogs as well as for anyone interested in rare plants and animals. This biosphere reserve is therefore UNESCO protected. The cycle route is set up as a circuit (264 kilometres) and leads through a sparsely populated area where the language and customs of the Sorbs, a Western Slavic people, are still alive. “Lausitzer Seeland“ (Lusatian lakeland) is located in the northern part of the route and in the east, cyclists can explore the town of Bad Muskau with its UNESCO listed park. In between, the splendour of the rhododendron park in the town of Kromlau is another highlight and another example of the enchanting contrast between wild and cultivated nature along the route.


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