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Elbe-Nassau-Friedewald Cycle Route

W skrócie

  • Start: Sörnewitz
  • Cel: Sörnewitz
  • łatwa
  • 24,39 km
  • 2 h
  • 96 m
  • 196 m
  • 100 m

To villages, wineries and viewpoints

From the starting point you will reach the Boselspitze with its great view and the botanical garden. The path continues along the wineries Schabehorn, Henke and Schuh in Sörnewitz. These invite you to stop for a bite to eat. A visit to the moated castle in Oberau, as well as the Buschmühle with gondola pond is possible. Continue past the forest pool in Oberau to the Fuchsberg with its wolf monument. Before the route ends in Sörnewitz, a visit to the baroque church of Brockwitz is recommended.


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