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Restaurant Auerbachs Celler Leipzig

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“Every day is a day to lift your glasses, folks.“ Drop by for a pint at the original setting of the master pieces when it comes to literature.

No trip to Leipzig can go without a visit to the “Auerbachs Keller”! Back in the old days, even Wolfgang von Goethe wasn´t able to resist the charming atmosphere of the second-oldest pub of the town, and, indeed, it is also recognized as a monument of Goethe with respect to his masterpiece “Faust”.

Even in these days, the vaults situated deep under the town provide for the ultimate experience of what it was like to “live life the easy way” – right along the all too tempting “Memphisto”-manner. Not only enthusiasts of old history but only literature fans will get their money´s worth in the oldest part, hence, the Historic Wine Taverns. The seasonal cuisine with its Mediterranean influence is a treat for all food lovers. Recognized as one of the most prestigious strolling promenades of the city, you´ll find the famous barrel cellar, which is situated right under the roof of the “Mädler Passage“.

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Restaurant Auerbachs Celler Leipzig
Grimmaische Strasse 2-4
04109 Leipzig

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tel.: +49 (0) 341 216100
faks: +49 (0) 341 2161011
www: www.auerbachs-keller-leipzig.de

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