Cathedral St. Marien Zwickau

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The Cathedral of St. Mary in Zwickau is one of the most important hall churches of the late Gothic period in Upper Saxony .

The Cathedral St. Marien is a famous late gothic hall church with valuable art-historical equipment. The cathedral of Zwickau, known as the St. Marien church, developed before 1200. The original Romanesque basilica was rebuilt into a late gothic hall church between 1453 and 1565. Since the reformation in 1518, the Cathedral St. Marien has been evangelic. In 1520 Thomas Müntzer officiated here for half a year. And it is very likely that in 1522 Martin Luther preached in this chapel, while he visited Zwickau.

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Cathedral St. Marien Zwickau
Domhof 10
08056 Zwickau

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tel.: +49 (0) 375 2743510
faks: +49 (0) 375 2743515

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