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Tharandt specialties manufactory

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Tharandter Spezialitätenmanufaktur is a specialty store for high-quality and delicious ham and sausage specialties from our own production. In addition to the butchery with slaughtering and production, the traditional business has a bistro a cooking school and offers catering for parties of all types and sizes.

Founded in 1947, the Tharandter Spezialitätenmanufaktur is already run as a family business in the third generation. The traditional company stands for excellent taste, tradition and regionality. All sausage and ham specialties are produced according to proven artisan tradition and with great attention to detail. A special highlight in the assortment is the own game brand Waidwerk.

Guests can also convince themselves of the quality standards in the bistro of the Tharandt specialties manufactory, the 'Hauswirtschaft'. The delicious dishes of the partly changing weekly menu are freshly prepared. For those who not only want to enjoy, but also want to prove their cooking talent themselves, the cooking events offered are just the thing. The premises as well as the cooking courses can also be rented for events.

In addition, the Tharandter Spezialitätenmanufaktur offers a catering service, which is individually tailored to customer requirements.

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Tharandt specialties manufactory
Roßmäßlerstraße 21
01737 Tharandt

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tel.: 035203 30 269
faks: 035203 30 155
www: www.tharandter.de

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