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Bean & Beluga

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Located in the chic villa district Weißer Hirsch, bean & belunga welcomes all friends of gourmet cuisine. Star chef Stefan Hermann serves selected dishes of classic French cuisine. Special emphasis is placed on high-quality products to offer guests a unique taste experience. A highlight of the noble restaurant is the open kitchen, which allows guests to marvel at the preparation, but also the loving and modern presentation of the respective dishes. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can enjoy the culinary delights of the gourmet restaurant. In addition to the architecture of the beautiful city villa, the simple elegance of the interior also creates a stylish atmosphere. The range of fine wines from the in-house wine cellar makes it possible to round off the taste experience perfectly. 

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Bean & Beluga
Bautzner Landstraße 32
01324 Dresden

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tel.: 0351 - 44 00 88 00
faks: 0351 - 44 00 88 22
www: www.bean-and-beluga.de

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